Though the exact number varies year by year, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) between about 30,000 and 40,000 Americans die every year due to motor vehicle accidents. Hundreds of thousands more are injured, often very seriously. This in turn often leads to medical bills piling up while the victim is simultaneously losing work wages and suffering a decline in quality of life. When these tragic life events occur it is important to seek justice and fair compensation for the loss and often the only way to do that is with an accident lawsuit.

Car Accidents

Auto insurance is mandatory for all US drivers. However, unfortunately some drivers fail to meet their insurance obligations, leaving other motorists on the hook for the costs associated with vehicle repairs or medical expenses. Other times the at-fault driver may be under-insured or the insurance company may be trying to get out of paying, under-pay, or delay payments. If this happens finding a qualified, knowledgeable accident litigation attorney can help dramatically. Some common types of cases include: Drunk or Intoxicated Drivers – Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle while drunk or under the influence of drugs or medication is one of the most dangerous, selfish things a driver can do. Unfortunately it is all too often innocent people and their families who pay the price for this reckless decision. A civil lawsuit against such drivers may be the only way to recover from the financial ramifications of the accident as well as to receive the emotional closure necessary to begin the healing process. Texting or Distracted Drivers – Thanks to awareness campaigns and numerous high-profile reports, more and more people are aware of the dangers of texting and driving as well as the risk of engaging in other distracted driving activities. However, that doesn’t stop far too many people from taking the risk anyway, or believing that the dangers don’t apply to them. Victims of distracted driving often have little recourse than to take the offender to court and seek restitution that way.

Commercial Trucking Accidents

The Beaumont and Southeast Texas area has thriving industrial and commercial sectors which in turn result in a high volume of commercial trucking activity. Unfortunately this also means that the occasional commercial trucking accident is almost inevitable, even if the other driver is doing everything right and being as careful as possible. Accidents with commercial trucks also come with a high rate of serious injuries and major property damage due to the massive size of these commercial vehicles. Common types of trucking accident litigation include the following: Negligent Hiring – Sometimes the trucker who causes an accident had no business being behind the wheel in the first place due to a known history of safety violations or other disqualifications. When this happens the trucking company can be held liable. Fatigued Truckers – Studies show that sleepy driving can often be just as dangerous as intoxicated or distracted driving. For this reason there are strict regulations regarding Hours of Service for truckers. Unfortunately some truckers break these rules, often with the tacit approval or even outright encouragement of their employers. This cannot be allowed to continue and lawsuits serve as an excellent deterrent. Negligence – Negligent maintenance, failure to perform pre-trip, en route, and post-trip safety checks, and other acts of negligence are responsible for numerous avoidable accidents. Substance Abuse – It’s terrifying to imagine a trucker operating a huge big rig truck while drunk or high on drugs. Tragically it does happen and as expected it can lead to some truly horrific accidents.

Manufacturing Defects

Not all accidents are caused by driver error. Sometimes a faulty piece of equipment resulting from a manufacturing defect is to blame. Other times the accident itself may not be caused by a manufacturing defect, but the resultant injury and suffering is due to a defect in a safety feature. When this happens the manufacturer can and should be held responsible. Some manufacturing defects that may be responsible for accidents or injury include the following:
  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Airbags
  • Steering systems
  • Vehicle design flaws

Expert Accident Representation with Dies & Parkhurst

Truck and car accident litigation can often be very challenging since it may be difficult to establish proximate cause, or because fault may lie with multiple parties to a different degree. If you or someone you love has been injured in a motor vehicle accident it is imperative that you receive dependable, expert legal services. The attorneys at Dies & Parkhurst have the experience, dedication, and resources it takes to win justice for the victims of truck and car accidents.