Case Description Amount of Verdict / Settlement
Premises Liability Case $425,000.00
Boat Explosion $165,000.00
Premises Liability Case $212,000.00
Medical malpractice; failure to diagnose neck
fracture, resulting in partial paralysis
Multiple 18 wheeler collision; wrongful death $2,500,000.00
Electrocution $1,800,000.00
Trailer ball hitch failure Jury Verdict
Automobile Collision Vehicle Rollover and tire
Offshore injury $157,500.00
Premises Liability; fall $654,000.00
Premises Liability Case $186,000.00
Hurricane damage $170,000.00
Dog Bite of young child $100,000.00
Injury at airport; run over by airport employee;
defective design of equipment
Medical Malpractice. Improper placement of
needle during spinal block resulting in
permanent quadriplegia of patient
Construction Accident $100,500.00
Medical Malpractice $425,000.00
Worker’s compensation; Dump Truck fell and
crushed Plaintiff; Wrongful death
Sexual abuse by a Church member $10,000,000.00
Sexual abuse by a Church member Jury Verdict
Medical Malpractice; brain injury from fall in
hospital; upheld by Appellate Court
Dog bite $300,000.00
Fire ants attacked elderly lady in the Skilled
Nursing Facility of Hospital; resulting in
subsequent death
Premises liability; worker fell through skylight $100,000.00
Construction Accident $500,000.00
Construction worker killed when bulldozer fell
on him; first day on the job
Automobile collision woman sustained
concussion, facial lacerations and multiple facial
Medical Malpractice Surgeon severs patient’s
common bile duct during laparoscopic
Automobile collision requiring surgery $245,000.00
Trucker swerved to avoid cow on interstate;
settled pretrial with owner of cow; Of the 4
clients involved in the case two required
surgery the other two suffered minor injuries
Jury Verdict
Medical Malpractice. Improper spinal surgery
resulting in permanent paraplegia
Medical Malpractice; inadequate supervision
and improper instruction during physical
therapy resulting in fall necessitating surgery
Two men badly burned in shipbuilding fire Jury Verdict
Medical Malpractice. Heart attack detected
during battery of tests; however health care
workers failed to respond and patient was left
untreated, resulting in death of woman
Automobile collision $250,000.00
Commercial Hurricane Claim $500,000.00
Automobile collision $260,000.00
Medical Malpractice heart failure undetected
and untreated resulting in death of man
Premises Liability construction accident $162,500.00
Product failure of vacation rental towing
package resulting in automobile collision
Inadequate security. Bar patron’s head was
rammed into a wall stud, resulting in brain
injury. Verdict upheld by the Supreme Court of
Jury Verdict
Motor home accident occurs when truck stop is
negligent in repair work
Psychological injury after witnesses explosion $620,000.00
Medical Malpractice; frozen section pathology
read incorrectly during brain surgery resulting
in removal of young RN’s healthy pituitary gland.
Catastrophic injuries
Jury Verdict
Automobile collision requiring surgery and loss
of income
Medical malpractice following a cardiac
catherization resulting in young nurse
developing RSD
Medical Malpractice; shard of tile left in hand
during treatment in ER
Medical Malpractice $150,000.00
Automobile collision; disfiguring injuries
requiring plastic surgery
Refinery Explosion; Contract worker killed in
Worker’s compensation; gross negligence claim
when contract worker killed in refinery
Medical malpractice. Surgeon cut tendon
during surgery causing loss of use in hand