Case Description Amount of Verdict / Settlement
Premises Liability Case $425,000.00
Boat Explosion $165,000.00
Premises Liability Case $212,000.00
Medical malpractice; failure to diagnose neck fracture, resulting in partial paralysis $810,000.00
Multiple 18 wheeler collision; wrongful death $2,500,000.00
Electrocution $1,800,000.00
Trailer ball hitch failure Jury Verdict $3,700,000.00
Automobile Collision Vehicle Rollover and tire failure $4,400,000.00
Offshore injury $157,500.00
Premises Liability; fall $654,000.00
Premises Liability Case $186,000.00
Hurricane damage $170,000.00
Dog Bite of young child $100,000.00
Injury at airport; run over by airport employee; defective design of equipment $515,000.00
Medical Malpractice. Improper placement of needle during spinal block resulting in permanent quadriplegia of patient $500,000.00
Construction Accident $100,500.00
Medical Malpractice $425,000.00
Worker’s compensation; Dump Truck fell and crushed Plaintiff; Wrongful death $225,000.00
Sexual abuse by a Church member $10,000,000.00
Sexual abuse by a Church member Jury Verdict $4,000,000.00
Medical Malpractice; brain injury from fall in hospital; upheld by Appellate Court $2,500,000.00
Dog bite $300,000.00
Fire ants attacked elderly lady in the Skilled Nursing Facility of Hospital; resulting in subsequent death $2,025,000.00
Premises liability; worker fell through skylight $100,000.00
Construction Accident $500,000.00
Construction worker killed when bulldozer fell on him; first day on the job $312,500.00
Automobile collision woman sustained concussion, facial lacerations and multiple facial fractures $178,589.00
Medical Malpractice Surgeon severs patient’s common bile duct during laparoscopic cholecystectomy $375,000.00
Automobile collision requiring surgery $245,000.00
Trucker swerved to avoid cow on interstate; settled pretrial with owner of cow; Of the 4 clients involved in the case two required surgery the other two suffered minor injuries Jury Verdict $1,393,055.00
Medical Malpractice. Improper spinal surgery resulting in permanent paraplegia $900,000.00
Medical Malpractice; inadequate supervision and improper instruction during physical therapy resulting in fall necessitating surgery $250,000.00
Two men badly burned in shipbuilding fire Jury Verdict $1,300,000.00
Medical Malpractice. Heart attack detected during battery of tests; however health care workers failed to respond and patient was left untreated, resulting in death of woman $875,000.00
Automobile collision $250,000.00
Commercial Hurricane Claim $500,000.00
Automobile collision $260,000.00
Medical Malpractice heart failure undetected and untreated resulting in death of man $925,000.00
Premises Liability construction accident $162,500.00
Product failure of vacation rental towing package resulting in automobile collision $162,500.00
Inadequate security. Bar patron’s head was rammed into a wall stud, resulting in brain injury. Verdict upheld by the Supreme Court of Texas Jury Verdict $1,478,283.00
Motor home accident occurs when truck stop is negligent in repair work $890,000.00
Psychological injury after witnesses explosion $620,000.00
Medical Malpractice; frozen section pathology read incorrectly during brain surgery resulting in removal of young RN’s healthy pituitary gland. Catastrophic injuries Jury Verdict $27,000,000.00
Automobile collision requiring surgery and loss of income $650,000.00
Medical malpractice following a cardiac catherization resulting in young nurse developing RSD $500,000.00
Medical Malpractice; shard of tile left in hand during treatment in ER $100,000.00
Medical Malpractice $150,000.00
Automobile collision; disfiguring injuries requiring plastic surgery $175,000.00
Refinery Explosion; Contract worker killed in explosion $3,750,000.00
Worker’s compensation; gross negligence claim when contract worker killed in refinery explosion $900,000.00
Medical malpractice. Surgeon cut tendon during surgery causing loss of use in hand $180,000.00