At Dies & Parkhurst we are committed to providing outstanding legal representation to our clients and to helping them through the various legal challenges that they are facing. To better serve our clients we have focused our services into the following key practice areas: Construction Accidents – Construction sites are among the most dangerous of all workplaces thanks to the abundance of heavy equipment and machinery. When construction accidents strike it is imperative that victims protect their legal rights and pursue the compensation they deserve. Dies & Parkhurst can help. Criminal Law – The stakes involved in criminal law are very high with accused suspects potentially facing jail time, community service, fines, and permanent marks on their records. Those accused of a crime need a law firm they can trust. Dies & Parkhurst is that law firm. Explosions & Burns – Few types of accidents are as devastating, sudden, and dangerous as those involving explosions and burns. Victims can find their lives irrevocably changed in the blink of an eye. Receiving full and fair compensation for an explosion or burn injury is essential. Family Law – Whether a family is going through a positive life event like a marriage, surrogacy, or adoption, or whether they are going through a painful event like a divorce, custody dispute, or property dispute they need a family attorney who understands their needs and is committed to their well being. Maritime Injuries – Maritime workers who are injured in a maritime accident are fortunate enough to have access to a special set of additional protections granted by the Jones Act. However, in order to benefit from these protections they need a knowledgeable maritime injury attorney, such as those at Dies & Parkhurst, to represent them. Medical Malpractice – Patients inherently trust their doctors, hospitals, and healthcare workers with their lives and well being. When that trust is violated by medical malpractice it is crucial that victims, or their families, pursue legal actions to receive fair compensation and to send the message that dangerous treatment will not be tolerated. Oilfield Injuries – The oil and gas boom has brought a host of economic benefits to Texas families. Unfortunately it has also brought a host of accidents, injuries, lost wages, and medical bills. The attorneys at Dies & Parkhurst can help victims protect their legal rights. Personal Injury – Often recovering from a personal injury will require expensive medical treatment, rehabilitation, surgeries, and long periods away from work. Naturally these costs will add up and can quickly crush the financial welfare of a family or injured individual. Dies & Parkhurst represents personal injury victims and helps them receive the compensation they need to recover from their ordeals. Toxic Exposure – Toxic exposure may occur suddenly as the result of an accident, leak, or other isolated exposure event or it may build up gradually over the course of weeks, months, or even years as the result of an unsafe work or home environment. Whatever the cause, toxic exposure victims need quality care and access to trustworthy legal representation. Truck & Car Accidents – Motor vehicle accidents vary significantly in cause and nature as well as the severity of injuries. The accident may be due to a drunk or intoxicated driver, a distracted driver, a defective car part, a dangerous commercial trucker, and a host of other causes. Regardless pursuing legal action can help victims recover from the financial ramifications of these accidents. Workers’ Compensation – Workers’ compensation protects millions of employees from the high medical bills and lost wages associated with a workplace injury. However, sometimes the insurance company may dispute the extent of injury or try to withhold compensation. When that happens it is time to get a qualified workers’ compensation attorney, such as those at Dies & Parkhurst, involved in the case. Wrongful Death – Wrongful death litigation is often complicated, always emotionally fraught, and sometimes difficult to prove. Dies & Parkhurst helps the families of wrongful death victims recover the financial compensation they need to begin picking up the pieces without their loved ones.